Hi! I’m Ande, creator of The Gypsy Grades. Bohemian by descent, my gypsy-blood prohibits me from staying in the same place, job, or room for more than ten seconds.

Luckily, my family moves every two-ish years, flinging ourselves into the local community to thrash around in moments of awkward until we integrate. By the time we do, we’re packing for the next move again.

We do this with five children in tow, and a foreign live-in au pair. So the only way to avoid drowning in chaos is to be extremely organized.

Ridiculously, type-A, borderline-psychosis… organized.

My schedules have schedules.

While this may drive my family a little batshit, it actually translates fabulously into a passion to help others plan and organize their lives. I discovered this via a few friends here and there, when they noticed my lists, plans, meticulously detailed road-trip itineraries… and asked for help with theirs.

Enter my (what I thought was worthless) Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communications, and I have managed to create a line of products that I not only personally use and love, but that I truly enjoy creating for others.

After trying alltheplanners, I discovered that there simply could not be the ‘right’ planner for me. I finally made my own. Watching my planner morph through phases, along with my life, it became apparent that no planner could be perfect because life isn’t consistent enough for one planner solution. With each new season of life, I needed a new planner. I had a few conversations with friends, and found that they shared this need.

So The Gypsy Grades Planner was born out of necessity. Organizational materials for family, home, and travel followed shortly after, as I began customizing the items I personally used for myself and my family, to fit the needs of others.

Currently, I make each custom item one at a time in my home in Charlottesville, Virginia.